Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Austerity Britain

The Conservative Party Conference in Manchester this week is slowly demonstrating its preparation for Government and it will be an interesting period between now and the General Election in May 2010, or sooner if the Prime Minister decided to on an earlier call to the hustings.

The Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, is now beginning to prove himself to be shaking off the 'boy wonder' image and to be a politician that TUC leaders are suddenly and reluctantly awakening to the fact that they may be negotiating with him for several years to come.

And his message to all of us is bleak and direct. Austerity. Prosperity has gone, at least for the time being, and many sacrifices are required of us all.

This is set against the backdrop of an increasing number of people who look to make money by criminal activity but deluding themselves into believing that playing the system is perfectly legitimate and correct.

Kenneth T Webb
The Editor
Liverpool CityLife