Saturday, 23 October 2010

Downright Arrogance or Insensitivity - whichever?

The Media has more influence today, arguably, than at any time in history. Often it is handled correctly and to the greater good of all. We can all, without exception, recall examples that have personally impacted on our lives and for the better.

But the downside of the media industry is its belief that it has a right to speak on behalf of people, whole nations even, by presenting views and opinions held by a few people within that industry but as if it is reflecting the majority view.

This week I have watched with increasing disquiet the manner in which DJs of local and national radio stations have all but blacked out the new single Ambitions by Joe McElderry and the forthcoming album WIDE AWAKE out on Monday 25 October 2010.

Following the blog on his website has been an education and very uplifting, for I am learning just how important it is for all of us to make use of this means of communication to enable our collective and individual voice to be heard.

To DJs everywhere I would say this - get off your high horses, listen to your supporting public and stop equating yourselves to the great composers and Conductors down the centuries. You have a gift for mixing music and bringing joy to people. Leave it at that. And if you're being pressurised by the recording companies and Record Labels, then stand up to them, defy them and play the music they are telling you not to play. Don't bring your own prejudices and dictates into it. The public in time grow tired and in this country vote with their feet and wander off elsewhere.

Elsewhere! I wonder whether Wayne Rooney should have gone elsewhere?

Has this whole apparent rift between him and Sir Alex Ferguson been nothing more than a publicity stunt? And on Rooney's part, an attempt on his part to double his salary right at the time when all of us have been faced with the most swinging cuts since the Second World War?

Has the 'rift' been fomented by the news media to increase their own revenue?

Either way, Rooney has lost much ground. It's a pity he hadn't been sent packing. Not only has he let down his fans again, but he has let down the nation, his home town Liverpool and his former beloved Everton FC.

We do not need people like him on side even though his skills are undoubted and I respect those skills.

Kenneth T Webb
The Editor
Liverpool CityLife

23 October 2010