Sunday, 26 September 2010


The Coalition Government has an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to the public the 'mess' that this labour leadership contest has produced and to expose, once again, the vice-like grip that the unions have on this country.

I am no supporter of would-be failed politicians who cannot make it on the hustings, so try instead to enter Downing Street through the back door. We saw this in the Wilson-Callaghan years and we saw what happened to that group of people under Mrs Thatcher.

The fact that I have this morning had a very good discussion (for over two hours) with someone about how good it is that the former foreign secretary had been elected - I had not seen any news reports - led me to believe that David Miliband had won. When I went back and questioned my colleague his reply was, 'yes, Ed Miliband the former foreign secretary'!

I suspect I am not the only person to have found that people are already confusing the two brothers.

The Coalition Government is strong and it is what this country needs to deal with the current problems. I would even suggest that the greater British Public will not be easily dissuaded from continuing Coalition Government for another full term.

I am naturally suspicious of any politician who relies just a little too much on union power. Let us not return to the Downing Street Beer and Sandwiches years.

So work hard to keep Mr Miliband and whatever brand his Labour Party now becomes, well and truly out of Central Government for at least the next 10 years.

Kenneth T Webb
The Editor
Liverpool CityLife