Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Superb summary and many thanks for bringing to the public attention David Testo's testimony which I fear has gone widely unnoticed in the UK Sports Press. It highlights the up hill fight but each, Justin, Anton and David all coming out is, behind the scenes, most surely resonating with, and helping, gay professional footballers to cope; not to mention players at every level whether or not professional.

It is good too to see the old fashioned attitudes vis a vis Sepp Blatter and others being spotlighted.

To the whole Justin Team I would say this. Don't lose heart or feel you're not doing enough. You are doing an amazing work. Based in Brighton, you are reaching out globally. THIS is the way forward.

Have no fear, other players will follow in due course, and of the level of profile that will be a clarion call to all, not just in football, but throughout all sport.

I am so proud of what you are all doing guys, girls. It's a brilliant team that you have. Be strong, be resolute and know that you ARE making the lives of many much better, behind the scenes, by giving hope where previously there was hopelessness.

Ian Bradley Marshall
6 December 2011

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